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  1. Print and Download Barcarolle - Violin 1 sheet music. Music notes for Orchestra sheet music by Jacques Offenbach (): Hal Leonard - Digital Sheet Music at Sheet Music Plus: The World Largest Selection of Sheet Music. (HX).
  2. Barcarolle. 4, 69 6. more tracks from the album Sentimento [UK Special Edition] #3. Barcarolle # Musica Proibita. Our awesome collection of Promoted Songs.
  3. O precious is the pause between the winds that come and go, And sweet the silence of the shores between the ebb and flow. No sound but sound of rest is on the bosom of the deep, Soft as the breathing of a breast serenly hushed with sleep:3/5.
  4. Barcarolle: If You Love Me: Elizabethan Serenade: Parlez - Moi D' Amour (Speak To Me Of Love) Ballade Pour Adeline: Words: The Water Is Wide (O Waly Waly) Plaisir D'amour: What To Do Till Forever: A Star Fell From Heaven: The Air That I Breathe: When I Dream.
  5. Barcarole definition is - a Venetian boat song usually in 6/8 or 12/8 time characterized by the alternation of a strong and weak beat that suggests a rowing rhythm.
  6. The first song is a gentle barcarolle, the second is lively larghetto mosso, where the piano paints the hesitant movement of the birds who alight but do not eat the crumbs.
  7. bar·ca·role also bar·ca·rolle (bär′kə-rōl′) n. 1. A Venetian gondolier's song with a rhythm suggestive of rowing. 2. A composition imitating a Venetian gondolier's song. [French, from Italian barcaruola, from barcaruolo, gondolier, from barca, boat, from Latin; see bark3.] barcarole (ˈbɑːkəˌrəʊl; .
  8. Barcarolle A barcarole is a folk song sung by Venetian gondoliers, or a piece of music composed in that style. In classical music, two of the most famous barcaroles are Jacques Offenbach's "Belle nuit, ô nuit d'amour", from his opera The Tales of Hoffmann; and Frédéric Chopin's Barcarole in .

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