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  1. Didn't we shine Didn't we shine Didn't we share and care And lay our hearts on the line Maybe it wasn't meant to last 'Til the end of time Oh,but while it did Didn't we shine. I still have some blue days That i could do without And when i have my blue days You're all i think about But i've long ago forgiven you For what you did or didn't do Now.
  2. Oct 04,  · I say life without love is an eternity without happiness. The purpose in life is to love and to be happy. No matter what you think, I feel life wouldn’t even exist without love. We are here because of love; we are forgiven because of love.
  3. Didn't we set the nights on fire Did ever a flame burn any higher Wasn't it so sweet Wasn't it Didn't we love. It's ok Sometimes I just get this way I can't forget you anyway I wouldn't even try. I'd rather fall Then never to have flown at all It was heaven after all If only for a time.
  4. Letra de «Didn't We Love», de Tamara Walker. quarter moon / always makes me think of you / are you thinking of me too / when you see it shine / its kinda sad / but i'm smiling / imagine that Descubierto gracias a Shazam, la aplicación para descubrir música.
  5. Love at first sight doesn't happen for everyone. No first glances that led to forever here — these celebrity couples may not have fallen in love at first sight but they did discover it a little.
  6. Didn't we set the nights on fire? Did ever a flame burn any higher? Wasn't it so sweet? Wasn't it? Didn't we love? It's okay, sometimes I just get this way I can't forget you anyway, I wouldn't even try I'd rather fall than never to have flown at all It was heaven after all if only for a time Didn't we set the nights on fire?
  7. Mar 13,  · Didn't I, didn't I, didn't I love you? Didn't we, didn't we, didn't we try? Know that I, know that I still care for you Tell me why good things have to die [Bridge] We had our moments, didn't we.
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  9. Tamara Walker (born May 1, ) is a former singer-songwriter. Walker began her career as Miss Maryland where she placed in the Top 10 at the Miss America pageant.. In she signed with Curb Records. She also signed a publishing deal with Sony Tree. Initially, Walker recorded country music, but the label decided to release her to the Pop AC market.. Subsequently, her first single went to.

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